May 14, 2012

JUNIOR (DVD) bizarre Canadian made exploitation slasher

This week we have a kind of post-women-in-prison flick that is part hicksplotation and part slasher.  Junior can not really be compared to Leatherface or Freddy like the old video box might suggest, but he is definitely a deranged retard that provides a lot of character to this rare piece of Canadian cinema history......

JUNIOR (1985)

     Two sexy prostitutes are fresh out of prison when they meet up with their old pimp.  When he starts beating on them, the girls steal his car and set off on a life changing road trip.  They come across an abandoned marina and decide to stay, take it over and make a business out of it.

     The girls soon encounter the corrupt town sheriff and some creepy locals including Junior, the village idiot.  Junior has a thing for fire, worms, rifles, knives, ropes, speedboats, and his psychotic mother. It isn't long before Junior has killed the girls dog and started to chip away at their house with his chainsaw.

     This rare Canadian feature veers from one genre to the next but eventually settles on being full on horror in the end.  Jeremy Ratchford stars as Junior, who went on to star in almost every Canadian television series as well as Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven.


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