June 11, 2012

BLOOD TRACKS (DVD) Hills Have Eyes type slasher by Mats Helge

This one is pretty rad and luckily it has cool enough cover art to live up to the film.  Starring a real life Swedish glam metal band, this flick pours on heaps of classic '80s cheese while also making it hype by setting the film in an epic location - an abandoned factory high up in the snowy mountains.  Directed by Sweden's number one (only?) action director, Mats Helge.........


     A Swedish glam metal band travel into the frozen north to shoot part of a music video near a huge, creepy, abandoned factory. Unbeknownst to them, a family of mutant hermits covered with festering sores, scuttle about like creatures amidst the worn out machinery, broken down furnaces and endless catwalks.

     The band members, video crew, and entourage of groupie babes end up wandering though the abandoned factory when an avalanche stalls production of the video and leaves them stranded. The hermit family do not take kindly to trespassers though and the reign of murder, violence and abduction begins.

     Director Mats Helge (The Ninja Mission) creates a pseudo slasher in the vein of The Hills Have Eyes that shows how the materialistic youth culture of the 80's turned their back on the traditions of industry. Stars real life hair band "Easy Action", who formed in Stockholm in 1982 and had a hit in Sweden with the song "We Go Rocking".


BLOOD TRACKS is available immediately and can be found in the Slasher Flickssection of the website. If it is still listed as COMING SOON, please email us atrevok@revok.com with your request and we can send you a customized invoice so you can easily pay by PayPal or credit card.

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