December 14, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates for the last long while.  It has been very busy around here working on some future projects.

People have been giving us amazing positive feedback on our trading card set and we appreciate all the kind words.  They still only available with purchases, but we have been known to include a full set with orders of 8 DVDs or more - as well as a t-shirt.

Hopefully Santa brings everything that you want this year, but if he forgets to give you the crazy flicks you have been craving, you know where to go.

For everyone that reads this update in the United States, for the remaining of December we will offer BUY any quantity, get the same for FREE.  After making your purchase, just email with the names of the equivalent DVDs you would like for free. Again, this offer is unfortunately restricted to the US because of shipping costs, customs and logistics that prevent us from doing the same for everyone else.

Hope you are all well.  We look forward to adding some new flicks in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

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