April 30, 2012

LAST MOVIE, THE (DVD) Dennis Hopper's infamous long lost film

This week we have a really rare one from the late great Dennis Hopper.  Even after it won best picture at the Venice Film Festival, Universal buried it after Hopper refused to recut it for its proper theatrical release.  Some will love this film, some will hate it, but regardless, it really is an experience like all great art and should experienced for yourself.  If you are a fan of Mr. Hopper, this is a must for the collection.........


     A crew of American movie makers come to Peru to shoot a western. The locals become mystified by the crew's amazing gear and create giant, non-functional bamboo versions of the film equipment. When the film wraps and the Americans leave, a stuntman stays behind to ineptly exploit the wilds around him.

     The villagers start a cult and cast the stuntman to be in their own movie production. They seem to have failed to recognize that the deaths in the actual movie they saw being filmed were not real. In their "movie" when someone dies, he dies for real. Everything grows to a feverish pitch as civilization and primitivism poison each other as church and theatre become locked in a combustible embrace.

     Dennis Hopper went to his grave insisting that this film was his own Citizen Kane. Alexandro Jodorowsky was an editing consultant as well, which seemed to add to the already trippy vibe. Look for Hopper's buddies Peter Fonda and Dean Stockwell, Eurocrime regular Tomas Milian, as well as Kris Kristofferson in his screen debut.

THE LAST MOVIE is available immediately and can be found in the Director' Lost Gems section of the website.  If it is still listed as COMING SOON, please email us at revok@revok.com with your request and we can send you a customized invoice so you can easily pay by PayPal or credit card.

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