April 9, 2012

STARSHIP (DVD) sci-fi adventure with military storm-trooper droids

Pretty funny one this week - but what it lacks in budget, it makes up in style.  Some of the costumes are pretty laughable though, with things like painted football helmets trying to be intimidating cyborg heads.  Roger Christian went on to bring L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth to the screen, so I was thinking this one might have be the warm up for failure - maybe there are some Scientology secrets in there somewhere..........

Note: Our print does not have these subtitles on screen


     Things are not going well on the mining planet Ordessa. The working conditions are awful, the workers are disgruntled, and the management is starting to crack the whip. An underground resistance movement is formed and led the young Lorca, and along with his droid and other rebel human workers, they vow to turn around the brutal regime.

     Mining management hires an unscrupulous mercenary to get the situation under control. Guiding his arsenal of military storm-trooper droids, the evil bounty hunter is set on destroying the entire human work force to solve the problem. The rebel's only chance for survival is to put and end to evil reign of terror, and escape back to earth.

     The film compensates its lack of budget by having more style that your average cheap sci-fi adventure. It's directed by Roger Christian who won an Academy Award for set decoration on director George Lucas's Star Wars: Episode IV, was art director on Ridley Scott's Alien, and directed one of the most notorious flops of the century, Battlefield Earth.


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