April 23, 2012

SEVEN MAGNIFICENT GLADIATORS, THE(DVD) Bruno Mattei directs Lou Ferrigno

We have dug up some more sword and sorcery for this weeks news release.  Well, more sword and sandal I guess since more muscle is flexed than magic. If you are a fan of Bruno Mattei, you will definitely want to add this one to the collection since he, like Fulci, didn't dable in this genre  for long......


     The mighty barbarian Han wields his mystical Sword of Achilles, vanquishing evil that is spreading across the countryside of ancient Rome. Pandora, the courageous leader of a group of women, is seeking the one man who can free their village from the wicked Nicerote, who is half man, half god and completely evil.

     As Nicerote leads his legion of soldiers in a merciless campaign of terror and murder, Han assembles a fearless group of seven in hopes to defeat him. The band of magnificent gladiators confront the seemingly invincible Nicerote on the field of battle in a colossal collision of muscle and steel.

     Bruno Mattei (Shocking Dark, Robowar) and Claudio Fragasso (Troll 2, Zombie 4: After Death) double tag team direct this swords and sandal take on Akira Kurosawa's classic The Seven Samurai. Lou Ferrigno (TV's The Incredible Hulk) stars along side his wife Carla, as well as buxom B-movie queen Sybil Danning.

THE SEVEN MAGNIFICENT GLADIATORS is available immediately and can be found in the Sci-Fi and Adventure section of the website.  If it is still listed as COMING SOON, please email us at revok@revok.com with your request and we can send you a customized invoice so you can easily pay by PayPal or credit card.

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